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Trimtex Purchases Trimtex Factory Inventory
July 2016
Vintage of Fergus Falls, Minnesota recently completed the purchase of the fabric
trimmings inventory at the old TrimTex factory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Trimtex had a long
history of manufacturing fabric trimmings in Williamsport going back to 1919. They had a large
manufacturing and warehouse at 400 Park Avenue in downtown Williamsport, which was home
to many textile companies including Scranton Lace Company in nearby Scranton, PA.
Trimtex operated out of Williamsport for over 90 years until the ceased operations at the
Williamsport facility. The brands of Trimtex included Carolace and St. Louis Trimming were sold
and relocated. However at the factory remained semi-loads of fabric trimmings going back
decades. Williamsport was the center of the trimmings universe for a long period of time from
the 1920s to 1960s when the fabric trimmings industry starting going overseas with the rest of
the textile industry. At one time Trimtex boasted they had 60,000 patterns of narrow trims and
lace in their library. Indeed some of the inventory purchased by Vintage included
unique patterns not seen for generations. At it's peak Trimtex employed over 400 workers and
was the leader in the narrow trimmings industry.
Vintage has a long history of buying warehouses of narrow fabric trims and
decorative embellishments and reselling them on their website. Vintage Trims has purchased
many trimmings inventories from all over the united States.
Vintage has one of the largest collections of vintage trimmings in the world and
operates out of Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Their trimmings collection includes thousands of trim
patterns and styles from all over the world. Vintage is owned by, Inc. of
Fergus Falls, Minnesota which owns speciality catalog and e-commerce companies.