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Turn A Corner of Your Store Into A New Profit Center

Fabric trimmings offer you huge profits when purchased by-the-roll and sold by-the -yard. The markup can be tremendous and you can convert a dead part of your existing retail store into a bright and colorful new trim department. The investment can be very small and you will bring new and returning customers into your store with fabric trimmings. Most trims come on rolls that can easily be displayed with some wooden racks and metal rods. You can turn 12 feet of empty wall space into a trim display with hundreds of fabric trim rolls.

If you have any of these store types, then consider Fabric Trims:

  • Fabric & Sewing Store
  • Quilting Store
  • Craft Store
  • Variety Store
  • Upholstery Shop
  • Costume, Costume Supplies & Rental Store
  • Period Dress and Clothing Stores
  • Antique Store. (1950's and 1960's period trims are especially good sellers here)

A small investment can bring huge returns. Markup is limited only by your local market and customer base. Many of our trims can double or triple in price when sold by the yard. Fabric trims are a perfect trigger for add-on sales of fabric, notions, patterns and other related goods.

Hundreds of trims

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