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Roy Kerswill Western Themed Pencil Signed Lithographs (7 print collection)*

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This is a collection of 7 Roy Kerswill lithographs.  If you love western art this is for you. Perfect for a study, tv room, office, hallways, lobbies or anywhere you need quality art prints.  Just frame these up and you'll have a collection that you'll enjoy for years and no doubt increase in value. Most are hand signed by the artist prior to his death in 2002. We've had these in the warehouse for many years and just now releasing them as an assortment of Kerswill's works at one low price. Limited availability. 

"PLACE OF DREAMS" by Roy Kerswill (1925-2002). Landscape painting with moose crossing the river, with deer and her fawn watching. 30-1/2" X 20-1/2" with 1-3/4 edge. It is a great landscape painting of a serene place at the foot of the mountains, with the log cabin in the background. In the foreground you can see how clear the river is, as the moose crosses, and sees his reflection in the water. On the edge of the riverbank a doe and her fawn watch. so that matting placement will not cover any of the painting. The artist, Roy Kerswill (1925-2002) was born in Devon, England. He came to the US via Canada when he sailed a cedar conoe in the river waters from Canada to New Orleans. This year long trip made him aware of pioneer experiences and heritage, which is the subject of most of his paintings. This is signed in pencil, by the artist. Original Price was $150.00 Each. 

"INDEPENDENCE IS…WYOMING" Pencil signed lithograph by Roy Kerswill (1925-2002) depicting the early days of the settlers with their covered wagons. Beautiful background of past, present and future life on the plains of Wyoming. 20" X 30" print with 2-1/2" white border. This is a pencil signed lithorgraph print of Roy Kerswill. The image size is 20" X 30" and extends 2-1/2" beyond the print to enable a proper fitting for matting. This particular print depicts the early days of the settlers with their covered wagons. experiences and heritage,   Those who are familiar with this artist, know the quality of his work and the realism shown as he painted his experiences. Retail value is $200.00 and up. 

"SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES" Colorful painting depicting the summertime journey of the mountainmen as they travel the plains of the Rockies. This is a lithograph print of Roy Kerswill's painting "Springtime In The Rockies". The image size is 28-1/2 X 19", with a 2-1/2" white border to allow proper fit for matting. This particular painting depicts the summertime journey of mountainmen as they travel across the plains. This print retails for $200.00.

"ALMOST  HOME" Beautifully painted scenery of mountains, settling down in the valley to the crystal clear lake below. This is an un-signed lithograph painting by Roy Kerswill. The image size is 19 X 28-1/2, and has a 2" white border for ease in matting. Beautiful scenery of mountains in the background, settling down in a valley where the lake is so clear you can see the trees mirrored in it. Along the lakes' edge, is an early settler on horseback, traveling with his pack horse carrying his supplies back home, at the end of his days journey. The trees are green and the wildflowers are in bloom, as he nears the log home in the distance, with wildlife looking on.This print retails for $200.00.

"THE NEW DAY"  Beautiful subtle colored depiction of early settlers. This is a signed lithograph print of Roy Kerswill's painting "The New Day". The image size measures 19" X 28-1/2". with a 2" white border to facilitate proper fit for matting. . This is a beautiful subtle colored depiction of Mountainmen leaving their TP camp and heading out for an early morning hunt. You can see the stretched hides drying in the background, along with their campfire kettle, where they prepare their meals, and beautiful snow-covered mountains in the background. This is signed in pencil by the artist and retails for $150.00.

"WHEREVER MY MAN GOES…I GO" Signed lithograph painting of Roy Kerswill's painting, "Wherever My Man Goes...I Go". Signed lithograph painting by Roy Kerswill. The image size is 19 X 28-1/2" and 2" white border for ease in matt fitting. This painting shows the journey of the earlier settlers as they back-pack across the plains, with their horses and mules, carrying their belongings. As in earlier years with the mountainman era, this group has their female Indian companion traveling with them ~ as the name of the painting depicts, "Wherever My Man Goes..I Go". This print retails for $150.00.

"SOUND OF MUSIC" is one of Kerswill's most famous paintings.  Young indian woman alone in a beautiful setting with her music. Pencil signed.  Retail value is over $200.