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Vintage Trims.com buys Trimtex Inventory

June 26 2019

We've recently completed the purchase of truckloads of vintage trimmings from the long closed TrimTex factory in Williamsport, PA!
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About VintageTrims.com

VintageTrims.com offers truly unique trims of all kinds. We sell to specialty clothing manufacturers, retail stores, Broadway shows and other live theatre, film & television shows and, direct to consumers. VintageTrims.com is a favorite with people who love to sew throughout the United States and the World. We ship internationally and have recently served customers in Paris, Milan, and Montreal. 

We've bought in huge quantities from a wide range of national manufacturers and distributors. Our trims are mostly of vintage fashion, meaning they were constructed decades ago in countries like Japan, the
Netherlands, France, Germany and the United States.

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