How We do Things

Vintage Trims was sold in the fall of 2020. The new owners are near St Paul MN, 150 miles from the original warehouse. There is a HUGE (at least 10 times) cost difference in warehousing in the cities vs rural Minnesota. The inventory is slowly being moved, re-photographed, and counted etc. to a local, more condensed space. 

By placing an order on this site, the customer accepts and is aware of the following: 


We are shipping the same or next day for all Jacquards, Velvets, Metallic Trims, Chenille, Wide Webbing, Rococos, Ribbon Flowers and Bows, and some Fringes. Everything else ships usually on Wednesdays for orders that came in up until 3:00 pm CT on Tuesdays, dependent on weather conditions.  We cannot guarantee delivery dates or ship times for everything. If you have an urgent need, please let us know when (or before) you order. We will do our best to accommodate you.

We pick the shipping company, depending on cost, and it may vary by order, location, etc. If you want a faster shipping method or guaranteed delivery date, simply contact us, we can provide this, at an additional cost.

We own everything on our websites. We are not "dropshippers".  All items are in stock, in our warehouses in Minnesota, USA.

We offer a low, flat rate shipping price of $7.50 on orders shipped to the contiguous 48 United States, no matter how small or how large your order is. We can ship to other states or countries, and we will bill you separately for the actual shipping costs.

For more on international shipping etc. Please see below.

We are a below wholesale source for vintage trims.

We sell by the roll, and by the yard. We have a per yard price, and a discounted price when you purchase an entire roll, for most of our inventory. Some of our items are only available by the yard, and some only by the roll. Some of the rolls may have a faded or soiled outer layer of trim especially with the jacquards, this is considered normal when purchasing vintage trims. You will find clean ribbon under the outer layer, ready for use. If you purchase by the yard, we will not include the soiled or faded part. 

Minimum Quantities
In order to keep our per yard prices low, we have pre-filled in minimum quantities for "by the yard" items. This keeps each line item total between $9-$12. 

Vintage Trims

All of our trims are literally “vintage”. We are not a manufacturer. We do not guarantee anything, we do not color match. We try very hard to send you the best looking, clean trims possible. Some, not all, and not even very much, of our trims are showing their age, and we try to describe them as such. Please keep in mind that our inventory is not new. We don’t claim them to be.


As with most textile products, there is a tolerance in continuous lengths. Most rolls of trims will have manufacturers joins ever so often. If we notice this in measuring your order, we will provide more to help offset this unavoidable reality. If this is a concern with your projects, contingencies should be planned. We are not responsible for shortcomings causing problems. Please inspect your trims before applying to garments or home decor.

Samples. Since our inventory is all vintage, meaning at least 40 years old, with exceptions, we do not offer samples. Our prices are so low that you can purchase the minimum, even as "samples" for your needs.

Availability: If you require many yards of inventory, please check with us first to find out what we have available. When it's gone, it's gone. We cannot get more, nor do we manufacture.

Since we have such a huge inventory, 10,000 square feet of warehouse space devoted to vintage trims, we often have discrepancies with the inventory counts on our site. (But we are working on that!) When we pull orders and get low on an item, we update the site. Sometimes we don't have enough to fill your order, other times we have more than what is indicated. If you want more than what the site is allowing, please let us know and we will inform you of the last of the inventory. 

We do have archives and over stock of inventory, and from time to time we do find trims that are new to the site, or more of something that has since sold out. This is because when the original inventory was purchased, it wasn't all at once, truckloads of trims were delivered at different times.

It is possible that we made a mistake entering products, quantities or prices and reserve the right to correct them should we make an error. This seldom happens but we reserve the right to accept orders and correct our websites if necessary.


Quality Control

Some of our trims are more than 50 or 60 years old and definitely "vintage". Most of the trims are in excellent condition as in "new, old stock". Occasionally trims are "noted as to condition" which will tell additional condition information that buyers should take note of. We've starting rating inventory on a "5 to 0 scale", with 5 being like-new, perfect condition.

Occasionally there is a splice or a mark which occurs during manufacturing which we have no control of. We cannot guarantee "no splices" and although they are rare, this is how trim was manufactured for most of its history.

Fiber Content
We don't "guess" as to the type of material of our products. If it is stated on the roll or card, we include it in the description. Frequently trims are a blend of materials so unless it is stated, we won't guess. It's important to us that we factually report everything we know about the individual trims.

Trim Search

Every trim that we have and know about is on the site. We try our best to describe it properly, but we are not textile experts so sometimes we get it wrong. Please do not ask us if we have a specific trim, or send pictures, we would just be looking at the site, using the search feature available to anyone. 


If you change your mind after you place your order, but before we ship, you may be able to cancel your order. However, credit card companies and PayPal have already taken their fees out of the funds, so we can only refund the remaining balance of your payment. This amount to approximately 2.6% + .30 transaction fee  for M/C Visa, or 3.25% on PayPal transactions.


Cut yardage may not be returned for any reason. Only full rolls may be returned. If you cut even a small amount off the roll, it is no longer re-sellable as a full roll, therefore it cannot be returned.

Trim must be unused and returned in the same condition as it was sent out.

There is a 10% restocking fee on all returns. 

How to Initiate a Return or Exchange

A return merchandise authorization (RMA) is required for all returns. Please contact us via Phone call or email us at Please have your invoice number handy when you call. All returns must have a Return Authorization number (RA #) clearly marked on the outside of the packaging. Returns will not be accepted without an RA number.

Pack the item to be returned securely in the original carton, or similar.  Handwrite the RA number on the outside of the box.  Make sure that the items being return are protected from damage during shipping, and the package is fully sealed.

We ask that the item be shipped via UPS, DHL, FEDEX or insured parcel post. Using one of these methods will allow the package to be traced and also make the credit process go much quicker. We are not responsible for packages that are lost or damaged.

Returns Address:

Vintage Trims,
Attention: Returns Department,  
215 William St N, Stillwater MN, 55082


Be sure to include a copy of the invoice, or the order number, for proper credit.

What do I do if my order is incomplete, incorrect or damaged? If you order is incomplete, incorrect or damaged, please contact Customer Service.   507-403-8502