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Ribbon Carnation, 1-1/8", 20 colors, 288 each (#7)

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Beautiful medium size carnation. This carnation truly adds color and style to virtually and sewing or craft project.


It is a rolled petal flower carnation. Flower head is approximetly 3/4" to 7/8" in diameter and with the leaves it is about 1-1/8" wide. Fold over style pointed leaves on two sides. All leaves are in green (willow) except the white on white. Good color selection with 18 colors available. Made of 100% polyester and these are apparel grade for any sewing or craft project. Perfect for bridal, quilting or decoration on any clothing.


Wholesale prices direct to you. There are 2 gross (288) in each bag.  Ships from our warehouse in Fergus Falls, Minnesota.