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American Flag Star Micro Caviar Bead Appliqué Patch 2-1/2"

American Flag Star Micro Caviar Bead Appliqué Patch 2-1/2"

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Iron on American Flag Star micro-bead applique. When applied the applique is very permanent. Can be washed and dried without being removed, if article will allow it. 


Iron-on Instructions:

1. Set iron to hottest setting. Do not use water or steam. Remove hard plastic backing, but leave the top thinner plastic.  Cover patch with a pressing cloth. Press firmly with iron for about 30-60 seconds.  Flip over and using the pressing cloth, ironi on the reverse side. Allow patch to cool before removing the top thinner plastic.  Repeat the process if needed to ensure the patch is secure.

Note: Some fabrics such as leather (including suede) will scorch from the applied heat of the iron.Do not iron on patches to leather, nylon, plastic, waterproof material or any hard fabric or cases.

Sold individually or by a pack of 100

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